Everywhere censors

While right-wingers loudly whine about liberal “cancel culture,” they are the ones primarily engaged in it.

One recent example is the inclusion of a child’s board book on a list of books that one group wants banned from libraries in Florida.

The book is Everywhere Babies, by Susan Meyers, illustrated by Marla Frazee.

It shows babies doing what babies do: walking, crawling, sleeping, making noise; and being carried, fed, dressed, rocked and so on. Pretty normal stuff.

Ah, but the book banners have discovered some allegedly pornographic influences here, babies being “groomed” for future deviancy.

One illustration shows two men sitting together at a playground watching their children play. They could be friends, neighbors, brothers – or married to each other. (Adding to the potential offense, one might be white, the other black.)

Oh, and there’s also an illustration that includes a detail of two men walking, one with a hand on the other’s shoulder. And one in which two women are collapsed together near a baby cradle, where the baby finally appears to have gone asleep.

Yup, these folks sure do know pornography when they see it.

Friends, can we bring a little sanity to this discussion?

Word of the potential banning has now made the book a best seller. Good.

In fact, I bought a copy for my new grandson. We hope his big brother reads it to him when he’s ready for board books.

It would be an example of him being groomed for real life.

Not the pretend life of the immoral morality police. But real life, where there are everywhere babies.

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