Now on Kindle

I am happy to report that a Kindle version of my book Keeping Christmas is now available at Amazon.

Amazon lists it at $9.99 for the Kindle version and $14.83 for paperback.

That’s especially good because Amazon’s original price for the paperback was $17, or list price. The new price is a lot more reasonable.

Meantime, Cokesbury ( still has the best price — $12.29 for the paperback.

Cokesbury also sells the hardback version for $25.29, a substantial reduction from list price.

Christmas 2019 is past, and even the 12-day Christmas season is over — but that’s no reason to stop buying or recommending the book!

There are, of course, a few things I would change, and some typos that sneaked through the proofreading team. But it’s a good book, and I’m proud of it, and (he said modestly), you oughta read it.

One thought on “Now on Kindle

  1. Read the intro and chapters each of which sound like my position on Christmas. Can’t wait to get into it. Hope you are enjoying semi retirement as much as I am.


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