I’m with Ellen

One more sign that a lot of people have simply lost their minds.

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres was seen publicly hanging out with former President George W. Bush. The two are friends.

In today’s America it is apparently not possible to be friends with someone you might disagree with about something.

DeGeneres and Bush both were roasted, from both sides of the lunatic fringe, for associating with the likes of the other.

She responded: “When I say, ‘Be kind to one another,’ I don’t mean only the people that think the same way that you do. I mean be kind to everyone. Doesn’t matter.”

That only stoked the fires of rage from the demented ones.

Bush is also known to be friends with Hillary Clinton – an offense even worse than getting along with Ellen DeGeneres.

I don’t know what part of the “Love your neighbor” and “Love your enemies” thing people don’t get, only that politics is supposed to rule everything in today’s America.

And if that is so, it is even worse than Trump abandoning the Kurds to be slaughtered by the Turks.

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