We got trouble

Oh we got trouble, right here in America, and it starts with T and it rhymes with tater, and it stands for Traitor Trump.

The latest outrage is the betrayal of the Kurds. When Trump first took office, he began abandoning treaties, loudly announcing to the world that a treaty with the United States isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Now he’s abandoning a trusted ally, loudly announcing to all who don’t know it already that making an alliance with the United States is setting yourself up to be stabbed in the back.

A few years ago, America had a fair reputation worldwide. Now it’s widely considered a rogue nation. It has become one of those shithole countries Trump is always bashing. It makes me feel ashamed.

The Democrat-led House is right to begin impeachment of this immoral con artist. Would that some invertebrates in both House and Senate would step up to rid us of this menace before he announces that Article Two of the Constitution says he can do anything he wants, so he’s disbanding Congress altogether.

You think he won’t try? He has spent nearly three years surrounding himself with amoral yes men who willingly do his bidding, no matter how unlawful it is. And don’t think, my “conservative” friends, that you will be left unscathed. When real elections are abolished and he no longer needs your vote, he’ll grind you underfoot like the vermin he thinks you are.

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